Urban Aztec Fashion

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Autumn is the season of ponchos, suede boots and lately aztec inspired outfits. urban aztec prints, super colorful, with gorgeous geometric lines, looking perfect on t-shirts, skirts, shorts and even accessories, have become the style du jour among trendy fashionistas. but not everybody knows how to wear such an ethnic and quite eccentric trend because actually is not that easy to wear. so, lets show you a few ways you can wear it without making a fashion faux pas. for an office outfit, a high-waist skirt with an aztec print is certainly a clear fashion statement! and if you look for the perfect casual daytime look, a simple black blazer, a pair of booties, a denim mini-skirt and a sheer top with an aztec print will do it. play this awesome and ultra-fashion dress up game and come up with lots of combos following urban aztec fashion.


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