4X4 Atv Racing

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Race other skilled racers in 23 intense levels of pure adrenalin and fun with some cool and power- full atv. unlock new engines and more power-full atv while playing the game. have fun and become the ultimate atv driver from our latest 4x4 atv racing game. have fun!
The Bomb Transporter 2 is back with new stages, more bombs and a faster truck! Your job is to transport few bombs from one place to another. Be aware that you have limited time to transport the current bomb cargo, or else they will detonate on their own and entirely destroy your transportation truck. Give your best and try to transport all bombs on all ten stages, or else you should search for another job. Drive down the road as you dodge obstacles and grab suitcases to make your delivery. Do you really want to have a challenging task? Then here it is. This one is just perfect for you! You have to ride the truck loaded with bombs to the destination point before they explode. Is this task tough enough? Try it out. Make sure you will to reach in time to deliver the cargo !! Use arrow keys to drive the truck! Have fun!